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WE have a timeline and a DONOR

  It has been very busy since I last updated for Nathan and my family… Nathan had completed his first round of “maintenance chemo” and did rather well considering it all, with mild chemo effects from what we’re use to, thankful for that most definitely, then he took some time off from treatment to recover […]

Broken Hearts and Tears of Children

While you see so┬ámany children with smiles on their faces there are many more you may not see… These are the children of the childhood cancer world, yes that’s right children get cancer too, and at to high of a rate at that. Childhood cancer come in many different sub-types, it’s not just one disease…they […]

A Sad Day…

With deep sadness and wonderful memories I sit and write this… Another young Angel has gained his wings yesterday, March 6, 2016 This child we love to call Leon fought a battle with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) since 2012. Leon was 10 at time of dx and 13 when he gained his wings, many will know […]