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Another date… Happy RE-Birthday Nathan…

Dates like these are and will be embedded in our minds forever, they never leave they just hang around; mind you some of these dates are ones to be celebrated then others are far from that. This date in particular was a bittersweet date for us, Nathan didn’t have a full match donor and as […]

What Cancer CAN DO…

Childhood cancer…it’s like no other illness, disease, or diagnosis you’ll ever receive…you hear all the things cancer CANNOT DO but let’s be realistic, how about what it CAN DO and it will do to many who try so hard to not let it happen… Cancer CAN: cripple love, shatter hope, corrode faith, destroy peace, kill friendship, […]

Mixed Day of Emotions; Thanksgiving…

As we enter in the Thanksgiving day, please remember childhood cancer knows no boundaries; it does not focus on any one particular types of person, no matter who or where you come from it exists and as families are hearing those word that no one wants to hear, life keeps on going; it does not […]

A Piece of Home 2016 “Sponsor a Tree”

It is nearing that time of year again, the time where everyone starts preparing for the holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah(these are just a few of the celebrations that take place). Although in some aspects different they have one thing in common and that’s to be together as a family and usually […]

Dates of Distress…

There are many dates we are just geared to remember in our lives automatically from childhood into adulthood: birthdays, anniversary’s, holidays, and others that may play a role in our everyday lives… WE have dates too just like everyone else, but there are additional dates plugged into our brains, ones we don’t want to remember, […]

Broken Hearts and Tears of Children

While you see so many children with smiles on their faces there are many more you may not see… These are the children of the childhood cancer world, yes that’s right children get cancer too, and at to high of a rate at that. Childhood cancer come in many different sub-types, it’s not just one disease…they […]


Nathan’s Story C.C.O. has several events coming up that are dated and being prepared to take off, FIRST one: “STRIKING OUT CHILDHOOD CANCER” This event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend and enjoy a couple hours of bowling for a great cause. The event will take place April 30, 2016, please […]

“Pain and Beauty of the Pediatric Oncology Nurse”…

I came across this on a friends post as a share, I’ve seen it before and it moved me then, so this time I decided to touch on it (I’m not honestly sure who is the original author to it, to give them proper credit for it); this friend is also a Pediatric Oncology Nurse, […]

A Piece of Home 2015

As many of you can only imagine being in the hospital over the holidays is no fun…now imagine yourself as a child fighting cancer, a new way of life for you and your family that you have just embarked on in the last month. Nathan started his chemo treatments on Thanksgiving day of 2010, what […]

A Sad Day…

With deep sadness and wonderful memories I sit and write this… Another young Angel has gained his wings yesterday, March 6, 2016 This child we love to call Leon fought a battle with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) since 2012. Leon was 10 at time of dx and 13 when he gained his wings, many will know […]