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Day +10 Happy Easter in more ways then one

We are in day +10 now meaning it’s 10 days into transplant, Nathan has no doubtedly had some struggles through these days between transplant fevers from the type of transplant he had to getting an ND feeding tube to help during days of struggling to eat and of course ulcers in his throat from this […]

Day -1 into Day 0 – aka: Transplant Day

We’ve been through day -1 and day 0 since I last updated… Long story short… day -1 was a day of rest for Nathan, no chemo’s or anything like that and I managed to get him out into the healing gardens for some great sunshine and fresh air. As the day went you could tell […]

Pre – Transplant: t-MDS (AML/Leukemia)

Nathan admitted into the hospital directly after surgery for his central lines on Wednesday, there were some complications feeding his lines in, Dr. tried the left side first, where his original lines were placed in 2010, and had no success so moving onto the right side with some complication’s along the way as well, he […]