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Saga continues… Preparation timeĀ 

Since the last time I’ve updated about Nathan there has been so much going on… We went away for a week to give Nathan a much needed repreive, he needed this desperately as his world spins outta control amd he’s watching all his friends and life move forward his seems to be in a terrible […]

Just a lil update…

Good morning wanted to touch base with everyone a little update on our boy…Nathan is bouncing back from the infusion pretty well he is feeling very fatigued from ot but does his best to push that aside and move on,  his stomach has been very difficult to please through all this as from going through […]

WE have a timeline and a DONOR

  It has been very busy since I last updated for Nathan and my family… Nathan had completed his first round of “maintenance chemo” and did rather well considering it all, with mild chemo effects from what we’re use to, thankful for that most definitely, then he took some time off from treatment to recover […]