Thank you to all who made this possible with phenomenal sponsors and with a record turnout, it was most definitely a bittersweet day for many. The weather although a tad chilly was great, everyone had a good time, shot good rounds and we had a very nice size group of kids, it was wonderful to see them all. Nathan couldn’t be here with us in person but he most definitely was here with us all in spirit. As many know this Tournament is Nathan’s pride and joy he came up with this to bring those who want to get involved in another way an outdoors kinda way with something he liked to do; giving another option to #makeadifference .

We had our first memorial shoot this year in Nathan’s honor: Nathan Silpath Memorial Shoot “Flight for the Fight” it was a special shoot after the tournament and was set up so all could take part, including the kids. The hovering ping pong ball shoot was chosen because it was one of Nathan’s favorite shots besides the mosquito target. As the shoot was set up and all were starting to take part our weather changed rapidly, went from being a decent day to dark clouds, winds and next thing we knew we had a snow/ice squall…YES indeed you read that right…Thank you Nathan J giving we needed the calm winds the shoot was stopped but not before it went far enough along for someone to win the Memorial Trophy. As everyone gathered for awards and raffles the sky’s cleared up and the day went back to being a decent day with the sun coming out…if that’s not a Nathan “MO”  I don’t know what is… lol <3 you Bud <3

A special thank you to our sponsors…

Tuckahoe Bowmen Archery Club (4years in a row), State Farm of Chestertown (4years in a row), The Shore Update, Delmarva Broadcasting, Island Creek Garden Tractor Pullers, C.W. Gent Transport, J.C. Warner, Mike’s Minihoe Service, Winks Sporting Goods, Two Tull Builders, Twinny’s Place, X-Fire Bowstrings, Al Pickens Roofing LLC, M.L. Hood Trucking, Harris Crab House.

Enjoy the pictures below, we will be adding more as we get them in, but wanted to get these out to you all…

Shooters scores are posted below…

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Here are the scores from Sunday’s shoot:


Ethan Rohl 293
Andrew Farrow 283
Bart Shortall 280 (8 X’s)
Steve Donaway 280 (4 X’s)
Chris Guy 274
Arch Wright 272
Wyatt Sellers 271
Russell Ford 269
P.J. Elias 260 (5 X’s)
Shawn Ingram 260 (4 X’s)
Chandler Smith 260 (2 X’s)
Pancham Patel 253 (4 X’s)
C.J. Wink 253 (3 X’s)
Rick Michaud 240
Brian Klug 235


Bryson Dewalt 293
Kirk Tull Sr 285
Nate ? 280
Toby Swift 273
Mike Outten 272 (7 X’s)
Paul Burrows 272 (4 X’s)
Jacob Lewis 268
Jason Ellingsworth 267
Al Pickens 266
Joshua Broad 265
John Sapp 263
Colton Kraegenbrink 262
Matt Weaver 260
Billy Bennett 258
Brian Cooper 255
Lance Ray 244
Aaron Aschemann 240
Thomas Richbark 234
Brandon Anderson 229
Tristan Cottle 222
Brandon Kerrigan 210
Steve Faulkner 207
Anthony Kieswetter 203
Mevko Kadric 181

Women’s Hunter

Liz Miller 285
Jenny Bennett 247
Alison Outten 245
Tabitha Thomas 239
Robin Menas 231
Cindy Faulkner 222
Alyssa Bees 210
Marissa Gowe 200