Happy Birthday Nathan: Forever 16

It’s not fair to you or any other child and family having to go through this, childhood cancer is a relentless disease and what it steals form the child is something that can never be regained back, and what childhood cancer stole from your friends and us, your family; your parents and your older brother is absolutely devastating and cruel. You left us for a better place, to gain a new body and become whole again. I do not con20170227_141421sider this loosing to cancer I consider this as you winning eternal freedom and glory; although we suffer and hurt deeply from your loss, I find a piece of comfort knowing that your not suffering and that you didn’t. What you didn’t have a chance to learn as didn’t many others either is, Thursday night Jan. 4th I spoke with your Dr. and learned from your BMB that you had been diagnosed with full t-AML, a third cancer that again had no treatment for you but plan C and that was to only calm it from exploding throughout your body to help ease things, but t-AML after going through osteosarcoma 2x and t-MDS 2x with a BMT would have been unforgiving, and for that I am grateful God spared you from all that but non the less I, WE ALL miss you horribly, every second, minute, and hour of every day.

Today February 27, 2018 I will celebrate your birthday as I know you would want, this is  the day God gave you to me, although for a short time, it was a time of much joy and beautiful memories; a time I’ll/we’ll never forget, a time yet again God answered my prayers, a prayer for another child. I couldn’t have done all this without God by my side and many will wonder how I can feel that way with all you went through and then loosing you, but if many knew the truth that I was to have no more children when I did have you they may understand a bit better what a true miracle you were from the very beginning. I will/am shed many tears and many will flow like the many falls we hiked to, but I know in my heart you are free and in the land of the unimaginable, whole, not sick and complete again; you are alive in my heart and mind and with me in everything I do. I can feel the peace you have at last and all your dreams and desires to make a difference and be there for other children and families, it will all continue to get carried on, you created a legacy Nathan and I promise you, everything you went through and endured will not be in vein; there are many things to be learned from whether it be medically, personally, humanity, and/or just life; many will learn and grow from you as a person, there will forever be “Nathans Story”.

Forever 16, I love you my son… We WILL be together again <3

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COMPLETE HEARTBREAK: Rest in PEACE Nathan T. Silpath Feb. 27, 2001-Jan. 9, 2018

Nathan is an amazing young man who always no matter what the situation always found the good in everyone. Almost 17yrs ago we were gifted the amazing privilege to be parents to such an invigorating and inspiring child, from day one he made his presence known to those around him. Nathan fought many hurdles in life, but with every hurdle he always found a silver lining somewhere; somehow.
Nov. 18, 2010 Nathan started his battle with cancer and fought tirelessly through everything that was dealt to him, little did we know that Nathan would go on to fight cancer three more time and being diagnosed all in total with 3 different types of cancer. At the time of Nathan’s second battle he knew he needed to make a difference and founded Nathan’s Story; a non-profit organization for children fighting cancer and he focused on everyone else but himself even through his own times of difficulties.
Nathan was a true gift to us all from God and while his time with us here, his impact was strong, Nathan is a gift that will forever keep on giving. We are so very proud we were chosen to be his parents, and although we are devastated and hurting deeply we understand that God called Nathan home. You hear many times that God don’t give you more than you can handle but I can honestly tell you God did not give our amazing son cancer or cause all his distress but I can absolutely tell you, that if you let him, God will help you though it, we had to turn it all over years ago and ride solely on our faith.
We thank everyone who has stood by our family, especially Nathan and held our son in constant prayers and always offering great words of encouragement.
Nathan went home to be with the Lord Tuesday night at 10:45pm
Nathan’s last hurrah… he did it his way- he won and now he is free…
Please keep my family in thoughts and prayers…
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 — feeling devastated with Nathan Silpath and 3 others.