Just a quick note…

Nathan made it home yesterday from the hospital as you can see his fan club was very excited to see him.  This week we are hoping to see some sign that the  treatment had an effect as of now Nathan is transfusion dependant for platelets and red cells, the treatment of course added some hardship to his counts but there were no other options but to try. Nathan will be enjoying his good days to the max as much as he can please keep in prayers for control of diseas and a treatment that will offer a better opportunity for a cure. Nathan is very rare and unique on how he responds to medications and different situations so we are praying he continues to stay rare and unique and beats this t-MDS/leukemia, he jas a tremendous fight on his hands and hes ready to stand up to ot and kick its ass he just needs the right treatment to come along.

We thank you all for keeping our family toght in prayers. 

Nathas Mom, Dad, and Big Bro