Day +10 Happy Easter in more ways then one

We are in day +10 now meaning it’s 10 days into transplant, Nathan has no doubtedly had some struggles through these days between transplant fevers from the type of transplant he had to getting an ND feeding tube to help during days of struggling to eat and of course ulcers in his throat from this process then onto loosing his hair for the third time round in his life, ALL of which are not any life a kid wants to endure as I’m sure you can imagine. Nathan has definitely had some very down days , this process completely sux and so does being held up in the hospital in a room during these beautiful days and times that he should be blossoming himself as  a 16yr old. 

These past 4 days Nathan has been having a rash on and off, the Drs have been watching it carefully as when the cells atart to graft the recipient will get whats called a grafting rash, kinda like a flushing all over him but Nathan dont want to seems to go with the norm so hes been getting it on amd off, while everyone is sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out if thats in fact what it is. Nathan is on round the clock benadryl so the thought is that may be helping with the inflammation process  (grafting rash). As it would have it today is what I’ve been referring to double digit day, it’s day +10 and so 9t has proven to definitely be a double digit day, I just received his labs AND WE HAVE from a “0” ANC to A “20” ANC (DOUBLE DIGIT) his cell count has risen and what a perfect day for this; EASTER DAY!  The cell count rising means grafting is taking place in Nathan, my baby is on his way to beating this. The process he will/can go through can still bring it’s very own complications; high fevers, graft vs. host disease, and much fatigue and discomfort, so as we celebrate the rising of his cell count and progress we still will be on eggshells so to speak, watching for side effects that could prove some very difficult days for Nathan.

 So please as Nathan goes through this process, please keep him close in prayers…Thank you ALL very much !!! 

God Bless and Happy Easter