Just a lil update…

Good morning wanted to touch base with everyone a little update on our boy…Nathan is bouncing back from the infusion pretty well he is feeling very fatigued from ot but does his best to push that aside and move on,  his stomach has been very difficult to please through all this as from going through all the past high dose chemo treatments and organ issues, his stomach was the first to actually show the hardship moving forward but wr are working hard everyday as keeping him healthy is extremely important going into transplant. Nathan has fell behind on his school work pretty bad now as he truly just lost all incentive anyone knowing Nathan knows thats very unlike him and me just as guilty having no desire to enter that battle when my son is in the hardest battle of his life;  for life. I crave happy days, many smiles, snuggles and making great memories; I’ve kinda come to the conclusion at this point there’ll be time for school work after this fight has been won and he knows as well he’ll have to make them up and anyone knowing me, knows I don’t set school work aside lightly im a very strong advacate to strive to succeed but he’s striving in another way right now so it will be what it will be.

 Nathan has a hard difficult battle ahead of him soon and he will be faced with life challenges again but these will be a tad different, i have to utmost confidence im him and faith that he will kick this as he has done 2x prior but to deny the fact that everything his young body has already been through and harm all the other high dose chemos have already caused done scare the hell outta me would be wrong; because it absolutely does and he truly has no control over that or it would be a no brainer WIN! 

Nathan has an amazing support system around him this time like no other he’s had before and that would be his peers; the kids on his hockey team and at his school have completely wrapped themselves around our boy and it just brings me to tears to feel this and the delight Nathan has feeling the love and support, the parents of the team/school and staff at school have just swept us off out feet with love and support and it is amazing. We cannot thank them all enough for everything. 

Thank you everyone for all the great words of encouragement, love, thoughts,  and prayers…

God Bless!