Maintenance Chemo: controlling the cancer till Transplant

Another day and 3 more chemo injections today for my boy, day 2… its a bittersweet process: hate this whole thing but these injections Nathan has to receive is hopefully keeping the cancer cells from maturing from t-MDS to fullblown t-AML and thats very important for his transplant and progress. He started the injections yesterday and absolutely hates it, he feels like crud, is very achey and tired and when you have to fuss with your child to get up in the morning to go get chemo injections it just plain sux, its a horrible feeling as a Mom. To have to watch and encourage is difficult especially when you wouldn’t want to do it either but you know it’s what your child needs for any chance to beat his cancer, and the third time around is just plain exausting, both mentally and physically.

We have many great thoughts and prayers being sent our way daily and we are extremely grateful for that….Thank you to all of you they truly mean a lot to us all.