As we enter in the Thanksgiving day, please remember childhood cancer knows no boundaries; it does not focus on any one particular types of person, no matter who or where you come from it exists and as families are hearing those word that no one wants to hear, life keeps on going; it does not stop whether it be for the holiday seasons or summer time, birthdays, and/or any celebration…Tomorrow on Thanksgiving day we will awake to a day that 6yrs ago we thought would be the beginning to an end; little did we know at that time what we where really in for, always looking for the silver lining this was not it. Thanksgiving day in 2010 was not only a very scary day for my family but the beginning of everlasting it seems. Nathan was admitted in the hospital on Nov. 18, 2010 with a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, within a 24hr period he’d withstand every test known to see how badly the cancer had spread throughout his little body; we stayed in patient through this whole process(2 weeks) including waiting for the results from his biopsy to confirm the already known fear, but we could not proceed without the exclamation point on it from pathology, all the while learning what was going to happen and teaching him how NOT to walk on his leg to protect it from any risk of fracture or breaking. News came in and chemo was due to start on Thanksgiving day…we felt this is the perfect time to start; WHAT BETTER DAY TO THANKFUL FOR; “A BEGINNING TO AN END”! Little did we know, it wasn’t going to end up like that, Nathan’s cancer will haunt him for the rest of his life BUT to my point…As we are all enjoying our time with family and friends and being grateful and thankful there are many who are facing some of the most difficult days of their lives, no matter what it may be specifically…those people, children, and families could surely use your great thoughts, an add in to your prayer around your dinner table, and a simple thought of positiveness and hope…please remember as it is such a beautiful day of being together for so many it’s also a day of fear and sorrow for others as well, be truly thankful and grateful for what you have and those moments…PLEASE KEEP ALL AND EVERYONE IN THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!