Mixed Day of Emotions; Thanksgiving…

As we enter in the Thanksgiving day, please remember childhood cancer knows no boundaries; it does not focus on any one particular types of person, no matter who or where you come from it exists and as families are hearing those word that no one wants to hear, life keeps on going; it does not stop whether it be for the holiday seasons or summer time, birthdays, and/or any celebration…Tomorrow on Thanksgiving day we will awake to a day that 6yrs ago we thought would be the beginning to an end; little did we know at that time what we where really in for, always looking for the silver lining this was not it. Thanksgiving day in 2010 was not only a very scary day for my family but the beginning of everlasting it seems. Nathan was admitted in the hospital on Nov. 18, 2010 with a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, within a 24hr period he’d withstand every test known to see how badly the cancer had spread throughout his little body; we stayed in patient through this whole process(2 weeks) including waiting for the results from his biopsy to confirm the already known fear, but we could not proceed without the exclamation point on it from pathology, all the while learning what was going to happen and teaching him how NOT to walk on his leg to protect it from any risk of fracture or breaking. News came in and chemo was due to start on Thanksgiving day…we felt this is the perfect time to start; WHAT BETTER DAY TO THANKFUL FOR; “A BEGINNING TO AN END”! Little did we know, it wasn’t going to end up like that, Nathan’s cancer will haunt him for the rest of his life BUT to my point…As we are all enjoying our time with family and friends and being grateful and thankful there are many who are facing some of the most difficult days of their lives, no matter what it may be specifically…those people, children, and families could surely use your great thoughts, an add in to your prayer around your dinner table, and a simple thought of positiveness and hope…please remember as it is such a beautiful day of being together for so many it’s also a day of fear and sorrow for others as well, be truly thankful and grateful for what you have and those moments…PLEASE KEEP ALL AND EVERYONE IN THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!


A Piece of Home 2016 “Sponsor a Tree”

It is nearing that time of year again, the time where everyone starts preparing for the holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah(these are just a few of the celebrations that take place). Although in some aspects different they have one thing in common and that’s to be together as a family and usually in the home enjoying the celebration. In the world of childhood cancer or any serious medical world that’s not always the option for those going through the treatments or the hardships, many spend their time of celebration in the hospital’s where they need to be at that time for whatever the reason it may be. Our mission at Nathan’s Story with “A Piece of Home” is to help ease that by bringing some of that home comfort to those in patient.
As many of you can only imagine being in the hospital over the holidays is no fun…now imagine yourself as a child fighting cancer, a new way of life for you and your family that you have just embarked on in the last month. Nathan started his chemo treatments on Thanksgiving day of 2010, what better day we thought to be thankful for a “beginning to and end”. The chemo treatments were three weeks out of four in the hospital as inpatient, he was pulled out of school and taught by the teacher in the hospital and a home teacher the schools sent to our home, when he was there. Nathan and our family spent every holiday in the hospital as in patient either for chemo treatments or fevers/isolation with the exception of Halloween. The staff did everything they could to help make this as joyful and painless as they could but when it all came down to it we were still in the hospital for the holiday’s; childhood cancer seemed determined to take from us those special moments that we as a family cherish.
We at Nathan’s Story C.C.O. wanted to help make it even more special, beings we could look at it from a different perspective then most since we actually were in the situation. We personally came up with the idea of bringing in “A Piece of Home” for the holidays. Our first year and within months of becoming an official 501(c)(3) we raised funds to get the children that would be in the hospital for the holidays their own holiday tree. The trees we chose were specifically chosen with the children in mind and with the help of Nathan himself. The trees are no more then 32-36″ with fiber optic lights, lights that change colors automatically and cascade through the room with soft soothing colors to be able to relax and and enjoy. The children as well as the family truly enjoy the soft glow of the tree and the changing of the lights, it offers a relaxed and peaceful moment.
We reached out to everyone with our “sponsorship program” last year for the first time to help us grow in our mission and make it even more special and there was a response that was truly amazing and helped not only provide the trees but we where able to provide a holiday dinner and gifts for ALL the children including the siblings, we had crafts and just all around a great coming together of everyone around enjoying each others company and conversation; all this on the unit of a hospital.
Won’t you please help us again by “Sponsoring a Tree”…

Sponsorship is $20.00 per tree; you can donate by secure check out below or with check,  Mail to: Nathan’s Story PO Box 213 Galena MD 21635

Thank You…

Nathan’s Story



**All donations are tax deductible as we are a Federally approved 501c3 non-profit and will provide receipt of donation upon request.