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This story is here to tell you about Nathan's Story and his courage and show you how one young boy can make a BIG impact on childhood cancers through your donation. Nathan's Story is a 501c3 organization.

At Nathan"s Story we wanted you to understand the difficulties of what happens when a family is faced with this life threatening disease called cancer. So many families have had to face this heart wrenching reality of being diagnosed with cancer, and as you read Nathans Story you will see his strength and that he is able to see through his own difficulties and take a look at the bigger picture about others facing cancer. Even though Nathan has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer)twice, he has been encouraged to help others with cancer. This is how this organization came into existence. His hope and ours is that you will allow him to see the good that can come from people coming together to fight this terrible disease.

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Nathan's Story

Nathan's story of one boys courage to fight for others with cancer.

My son's name is Nathan.... 

Nathan has always been a strong healthy active child. He was practicing at soccer one day, when his leg started to bother him. He took a break on the bench and as he was rubbing his leg he came across a bump just below his knee. As most kids, Nathan didn't pay much attention to this at the time. In fact he didn't even tell anyone so it went unnoticed. This took place back in August of 2010. Nathan went on to play the rest of the season out as defense for his championship team. It was not until the middle of October that he came to me to show me this "bump" he had on his leg. This bump was just below his knee. We had no idea he had this bump since August so I said to him, "Let's keep an eye on it and see what it does. You have lots of bumps and bruises, that's what lil boys get from playing so hard." As time went on the "bump" never bruised nor showed any signs of going away eventually it started to become more painful and uncomfortable and started to bother Nathan's knee. I decided enough time had gone by so I made him an appointment. The appointment was on November 18, 2010 at 9:00am. That morning I figured he was going to have some x-rays. I didn't want to have to make two trips to town. We were able to get in for the x-ray by 10am and that way I could have him back to school around 10:30am. I received a phone call by 11:00am, my heart sunk as they told me to take him to the Emergency Oncology Department. They had already set up an appointment at A.I. DuPont Hospital.....

Nathan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) on Nov. 19, 2010. He started chemotherapy at AI DuPont on Thanksgiving of 2010 and has been handling it like a trooper. Our family has been spending endless day and hours at DuPont . This has been very difficult on our family. We have another son who is in his senior year of High School. Being a senior and dealing with the stress of what you will do once you graduate is already enough of a challenge, but for him having to cope with his little brother being diagnosed with cancer was what topped all of that... He has also been feeling alone because of all the time we spend up in the hospital with Nathan's chemo treatments. Nathan's chemo was scheduled as an in-patient treatment. When everything went according to plan it is almost tolerable. As we have all learned through this process, nothing goes according to plan. Nathan can would get sick at any given moment and end up back at the hospital in moments. Nathan could not attend school for fear of getting sick. Not only that, but his treatments took up all of his time. When he was not getting chemo he was fighting to keep his blood counts up high enough just to have a good day. Nathan was able to have a friend over to keep him company or play, but that did not happen very often. There has been ups and downs in our family as we have dealt with this nightmare of a situation, but we are a tight family and we have managed to overcome all the hurtles that have tried to impair us.

The first week in February of 2011 Nathan underwent surgery on his leg to remove the tumor. This operation consisted of part of his Tibia being removed, where the Osteosarcoma was located. They also removed some of his thigh for connection purposes and replaced it with a prosthesis, taking their place which includes the knee joint. This sounds terrifying for anyone to go through, but Nathan at age 9 only heard one thing. What he heard was that he would never be able to play soccer again. Nathan is very proud of the awards he earned during his time playing soccer and is always eager to tell you stories about his fantastic soccer maneuvers. He has one championship trophy and three participant medals. Nathan continued back into high dose chemo until the end of July 2012 and was making a great recovery and comeback still participating in physical therapy three times a week at the hospital where he was also very involved in different events to help raise monies for the foundation at the hospital; he never turns down an opportunity to help out.

Nathan had been pulled out of school for the 2010 2011 year to undergo the treatments and recover from the surgery, and even with all he is going through would like to help other people who have cancer. He has joined "The American Cancer Society's, Relay for Life" as a team member of Going for the Gold, Nathan went on to do so well that he took the award for the most individual raised at the relay. Nathan's goal in life has always been to make sure everyone was having a good day. He has had his own problems as every child does growing up but his problems never come first. He has always set his own problems aside and takes the time to make sure everyone else is "OK", as long as they are having a "good day" then he can too. Nathan had an opportunity to return part time to school, the 5th grade and as time went on he became winded and noticed he was not able to participate in physical activity as well as he had been. He was not able to do the physical activity he’d been doing consistently for some time. After many more tests and different departments the problem finally showed it’s face, the cancer had returned. The tests showed cancer in his right lung and surgery was scheduled and the tumor was removed. Nathan's Doctor’s still had to place his port for chemo, and while there the Doctor checked the left lung as well. He had a gut feeling and eventually his fear would prove to be correct. Nathan was diagnosed with metastatic bi-lateral lung cancer. This means the hard tumor bone cancer was growing in his lungs, it is like having stones in your lungs. This changed the chemo plan as the cancer was aggressive and resisting treatment he had already underwent. Nathan went back into chemo again. For us only to hear partly through the course that the chemo was proving to have hardship on his organs and in order to “possibly” give Nathan a chance at a normal life without organ transplants we had to stop treatment. We had to decide between his organs and the cancer. Giving that he had the surgery and Doctor felt comfortable that he had gotten all that was to be found at the time, we stopped the chemo to save his organs. When Nathan heard he had cancer again, his reply was like no other. Nathan insisted there had to be a change and asked if we could be part of that change. If we could start an organization to help children and families and research, he wanted to be a help in every area he could help. So our journey began to become Nathans Story Childhood Cancer Organization. It took some time but with the help of a friends and her boss, a lawyers office. Her boss insisted that he would help only if he could as his gift to the organization. We have become Nathans dream… Nathan’s Story Childhood Cancer Organization, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit for childhood cancer.

Our goal is to everything we can to make a difference where ever and in whatever direction were needed. If it’s to help a family, donate funds to research, bring smiles and joy to the children in the hospital, or to make a lot of awareness, that is what we will do! Nathan will be included in every step of what Nathan’s Story Childhood Cancer Organization does to fight childhood cancer. Nathan is the founder of this organization, and having been through the fight twice, he gets it better than us whom have not. We hope to keep close with the other organizations Nathan and our family are involved in because in the end, it all goes to the cause. We will help to keep you updated to new information along with Nathan’s journey.

So won’t you please join in on our mission and help us make a difference for our children fighting childhood cancer and to honor those who have earned their wings too early. Help our children see another tomorrow. As Nathan says “one child diagnosed is too many”                                            
Please help us and Nathan support this cause by donating to Nathan’s Story Childhood Cancer Organization.
Special thanks to Kim and Jeff Payne for the original write-up of Nathan's story prior to Nathan's surgery. Since then Nathan's Story has been updated by Kim Silpath (Nathan's Mother) and Kathy Florent Marketing SEO Kent County, Chestertown Maryland (MD)



About Nathan

Nathan is a typically smart child that likes to have fun.

Nathan is a lot like most boys of his age. He loves soccer and video games and Nascar. His favorite Nascar driver is Jimmy Johnson, as you might be able to tell by now.

Nathan also builds legos. He has completed a vast amount of projects in his down time, even though they can become an expensive hobby.



Help Nathan help others with cancer.

Nathan has shared his story with the world

Nathan is such a trooper. Even with all he has been through he still wants to help other people that have cancer. His courage is commendable and his strength is amazing. Please join us in making his day bright. He watches his ticker on his donation page each day to see if anyone else has donated, because he knows what the money can do for people with cancer. His unselfish act of raising funds for other children, families, and research. The funds that are raise go towards helping childhood cancer patients, and your donation can do so much to help. Even if each person that hears of Nathan's quest only donated one dollar, we could make a huge dent in this fight to save lives. This can be a truly amazing gift to a young boy who has been through so much and has such a great dream… One day there will be a cure and no parent nor child will ever have to hear those horrifying words; "Your child/you have cancer."


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